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Who Is Art of Sha?

                           Art of Sha is the Creative World of Visionary Artist Sharron Cuthbertson.

                 "When I create I know what is true.... the power of intent infused with power of LOVE.

                                                      My art is my heart offering to the world.

         My hope is that it resonates with you, uplifts you & carries you to a space of joy and peace."


"When you see from the light of your heart, the way is clear"

Sharron Cuthbertson
Visionary Artist


Art Of Sha

Visionary Artist Sharron Cuthbertson

Guided by spirit, Sharron Cuthbertson is a visionary artist who’s creative work serves to uplift & transform consciousness. Her healing art is boldly expressed through vivid imagery, symbolism and vibrant colour in acrylics on canvas, paper and mixed media. Illustrations in pencil and ink & a love of photography balance the spectrum of her creative expression.

Sharron lives on the west coast of British Columbia where she lives inspired by the beauty, magic & wonder of the natural world. Deeply influenced by her curiousity of the unknown, Sharron dives deep into mysteries of the universe and life,  which greatly influences her work.

Sharron also works as a graphic designer & signcrafter with over 30 years experience. 


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